Welcome to the washington beer & wine distributors association

Since 1934, the Washington Beer & Wine Distributors Association (WBWDA) has supported the people who deliver beer, wine, and spirits to your favorite restaurant, bar, or retailer.

Members of WBWDA market and deliver craft, import, and global brands of beer, wine and spirits. These members, in partnership with over 3,500 employees, serve every community in Washington State.

WBWDA is committed to pursuing a mission of choice, quality, and responsibility in the enjoyment of beer, wine and spirits.

The law governing the sale of beer and wine, known as the three tier system, is the most important tool for advancing this mission. It ensures the independence of producers, distributors, and retailers. It prevents any single large interest from dominating the market and obtaining unfair advantage over smaller independent businesses.

WBWDA invites you to explore our website to see how the three tier system benefits you