Benefits for beer & wine lovers

We aren’t like people in a lot of other states.  We may have our favorites, but we love exploring and finding the next great beer, wine, or craft spirit.

We may find a new favorite by visiting a local craft brewery or distillery, attending a festival, or sharing an afternoon of tasting at local wineries.

How do these great products from small producers make it to our local restaurant or store?  The three-tier system provides consumers with choices.

The three-tier system is a fancy way of describing the law that guarantees producers, the first tier, can’t control distributors, the second tier, or retailers, the third tier.

Because distributors are independent under the three-tier system, they are free to distribute an amazing selection of craft, imported, regional and national beers, wines and spirits.

Because retailers are independent under the three-tier system, they are served by multiple independent distributors and can sell beer, wine, and spirits created by an array of both large and small producers from around the state, country, and globe.

In the three-tier system everyone is independent and free to bring us the products they believe we will enjoy.  All these choices allow us to spend our time finding our next “favorite.”