Delivering for our state

The three-tier system creates independence in the production, distribution, and sale of beer & wine. Distributors, as the second tier, play an important role in delivering benefits to Washington State.

Providing Jobs in Our Communities

  • Almost 3,500 direct jobs in distributorships
  • Over 5,000 additional jobs in the economy indirectly supported by distributorships
  • Over $75,000 average annual value of distributor employee wages & benefits
  • $262 million total wages paid annually by WA beer & wine distributors

Generating Revenue for Schools, Social Services, and  Public Safety

  • $50+ million each year in state beer & wine taxes
  • $5+ million in state business taxes
  • Total taxes paid by distributors (Federal, State, and Local)  equal over 10,000 hours of teacher instruction in schools or maintenance of almost 8,000 lane miles of highways each year

Promoting Responsible Regulation

  • No delivery of beer, wine, or spirits unless the retailer is licensed by the state
  • No sale of beer, wine, or spirits unless they are legally produced
  • Support for strong, equal, and fair enforcement of all liquor laws